set up & check in

Communicating with Luxie Studios

We communicate with the Renter listed on the Rental Agreement and one other person, otherwise we all risk poor communication and mixups. The additional person must be listed on your Invoice, send us an email with their info if they are not listed at the time of your rental.

Outside Deliveries: Deliveries must be made only during the hours you have the space booked. We are not able to allow for rental drop-offs/pick-ups at anytime outside of your rental hours due to other events in the space. We also do not have extra storage for left items or to hold items. Charges and fees will apply for late pick-ups, left items, boxes, furniture etc. 


What You Need to Bring

30-55gal trash bags for metal frame trash cans (we have 4)

Tables and table covers


Paper Towels

Dishware and/or paper cups/plates etc
Wall Putty if hanging anything on the walls (no holes in walls- no tacks, nails, screws, staples, hooks, etc.)

Easels for artwork. We do not allow artwork to be hung on the walls.
Balloons for outside to help people find the space
It’s a good idea to bring a USB cord for the speakers (the same as you’d use to charge your phone/device) just to be sure there’s a working cable
SPEAKERS FOR YOUR DJ Our speakers are only for plugging in a phone/device

What You Don’t Need to Bring

Toilet Paper
Extension cord
Trash cans


The Day of the Rental, What To Expect

PARKING FOR EVENTS: Plenty of free parking in front of and around the space.

Trash bins located behind the building.  You will need to walk AROUND the building for access to trash bins.


You won’t need to meet us there, you will be issued a door code for keys and then simply lock door and drop keys into the slot beside the door.

The front door can be unlocked so guests can come and go, please be sure to re-lock at the end of your event.
The furniture will be set up as it is in the photos, how you saw it during the tour. You can move/rearrange the furniture, it must be returned to the room it came from.

The wifi code is posted above the receiver — WIFI speed is 300mbps