1. Eligibity


To be eligible for membership a client must meet the following criteria;

  • hair must be shoulder length

  • fine to medium density 

  • ​no balding or alopecia

  • straight, wavy, or curly texture

  • brown to black hair color (lighter textures coming soon)

  1. Membership Includes (per year)


  • Two fast trax (micro beaded weft) extension applications per year, including haircut and style

  • Two sets of 100% Remy Human Hair by Queen Luxie

  • Up to 10 monthly maintenance appointments per year

  1. One-time Membership Fee

    1. Non refundable

    2. Establishes your membership status

    3. Covers all initial expenses of your first set, including

      • 100 grams of extension hair

      • Application of extensions

      • Basic blending haircut and style after initial extension application


  1. Subscription Fees

    1. Non refundable

    2. Fees

      • Dallas rate

        1. $99 per month for Standard Density

        2. $149 per month for Double Thickness

      • Los Angeles rate

        1. $125 per month for Standard Density

        2. $175 per month for Double Thickness

    3. Charged at the 1st business day of every month

    4. Can be canceled at any time with 30-day notice

    5. Can be paused without penalty at month 5 or 11, which coincides with the end of an extension cycle which is based on a 6 month lifespan

    6. Covers the cost of monthly maintenance visits

    7. Covers the cost of subsequent extension applications (including a new set of hair extensions) every 6 months


  1. Monthly Maintenance Visits

    1. To maintain your extensions, you will be required to come in every four weeks for an adjustment appointment.  Failure to stay on a strict monthly adjustment schedule may result in the failure of your extensions.  In the event of extensions coming out due to a missed appointment, the client will be charged a $75 fee ($100 for Los Angeles) to repair EACH row that has failed to remain intact and secure to the client’s natural hair.   

    2. Does not include shampoo blow dry.

    3. Does not include haircut and/or style.


  1. Extension Application

    1. Done every six months after the initial set

    2. Includes 100 grams of new hair with every set

    3. Redo appointments (install plus removal) must be completed in the same day

    4. Includes basic haircut and style

    5. Does not include shampoo blow dry

  1. Hair Included with the Membership

    1. New sets of 100% Remy Human Hair by Queen Luxie every 6 months

      1. Straight, Loose Wave, or Curly

      2. Up to 20”

    2. 100 grams is included with our Standard Membership

    3. 200 grams is included with our Double Thick Membership


  1. Pausing a Membership

    1. You may pause your membership 5 months after your most recent application to coincide with the end of life of that current set of extensions, but before a new set is installed.  If you pause your membership at this point, there is no penalty, and any subscriptions paid will go toward your new set of extensions should you choose to reactivate your membership.

    2. If you pause your membership before month five, you will be required to “buy out” your remainder months up to month 6 to maintain membership status.

      1. For example, you wear your extensions for 3 months.  You have made two subscription payments and have 3 more payments before your next new set.  To maintain your membership status, you will need to “buy out” the remaining 3 months, which would be approximately $300.  Those funds will allow you to “pause” your membership and get a new set without paying the first-time membership fee again.  This buy out fee will also include the removal fee should you choose to remove your extensions early.

    3. You may also choose to simply cancel your membership at no penalty but will be required to pay the one-time fee again and will be charged the regular maintenance or removal fees to maintain or remove your current set of extensions, should you be wearing any.

    4. Membership may be paused up to 365 days without penalty.

    5. Membership allowed to lapse over 365 days after initial pause date will result in the forfeiture of membership status. 

    6. Once membership status is lost, a new membership fee will be required to reactivate and reinstate membership status.


  1. Cancelling a Membership

    1. You may cancel your membership at any time with no penalty and resume standard application, maintenance, and removal services and fees as normal.

    2. Any subscriptions paid up to that point will not be refundable or transferable.

    3. To reinstate membership status after cancelling will require another one-time membership fee payment.


  1. Unusual Circumstances

    1. Every circumstance cannot be anticipated by Luxie Studios so as circumstances changes, please contact us at info@luxieextensions.com with any special issues or circumstances.  We want to be able to work with you.