security deposit agreement

I will return the event room as I found it.

I understand that not cleaning after my event will automatically result in the loss of my full Security Deposit.

I understand that I must take my decorations and boxes with me (this includes but is not limited to: balloons, strings used to hang decorations etc.)

I am responsible for a general event clean after my event. This includes but is not limited to: returning furniture back to its original location, wiping down counters and tables, disassembling any additional tables used, sweeping, taking down decorations, returning the space to its original condition. . (Unless you have paid for additional cleaning, beyond the cleaning fee).

If there is anything on the floor that requires additional scrubbing, scraping, etc., I will remove it to avoid additional cleaning fees (Gum, candle wax, paint, silly string, glitter, confetti etc.).

I will use the cleaning supplies at Luxie Studios and will not spray any kind of room spray/deodorizer. (Smoke or alcohol covered up with floral smell is worse. We have our own odor eliminator).

I will not leave vomit to be cleaned. Vomit is not a part of the basic cleaning. I understand I will be charged an additional cleaning fee of $150 for vomit. 

I will bag all of the trash tightly in black trash bags (I am responsible for providing black trash bags for my event) and take it to the outside trash cans. If the trash cans are full, I will leave the black trash bags outside by the trash cans, stacked neatly and ready to be picked up. If I leave loose trash or trash bags open, I am aware that it can lead to additional cleaning charges. I will not leave anything but black trash bags outside of the trash cans. I will take all boxes or anything else not bagged in black trash bags with me to dispose of. Otherwise, I am subject to a pick up fee of $50.


I will remove cigarette butts that are left in the driveway or I will be charged a $50 additional cleaning fee.


I understand and agree that I will be charged a replacement fee and a delivery fee for large damaged items. For example: If a couch is damaged during my event I will be charged for the replacement of the entire couch and the fee to have the new couch delivered to Luxie Studios. Please note: Most delivery fees do not exceed $60 but it is possible that something could have a higher fee. ​


I will turn off the backup AC unit before I check out of the venue (there will be a fee for leaving this unit running after check out.


I will lock the door when I leave and ensure that the door is locked by trying to reenter without the door code.


Causes for Security Deposit Loss:

Not cleaning up after your event, late check out, damage, theft/missing items, professional/additional cleaning required, smoking indoors, band anything else that causes an additional expense and/or impacts the next rental.




Your $250 security deposit is captured the day before your rental using the card we have on file. Security deposits will be released as long as there are no issues or damages. We will contact you first regarding issues/damages before any charges are made. We have up to 14 days to hold your security deposit.

If there are obvious damages beyond $250, Luxie Studios has the right to hold an additional $250 using any card on file. Luxie Studios will attempt to contact the Renter prior to making any charges but has the right to charge for all damages caused during the Renter’s event.

I agree to these terms and understand that anything that jeopardizes the space, future rentals, or causes any additional expense will result in a partial or full loss of my security deposit.